Webster Groves Public Library

GoPro camera User Agreement

Patron Agreement

I am borrowing a GoPro camera kit from Webster Groves Public Library (“Library”). I agree to the following terms:

  • Checkout of the GoPro camera is for 1 week, with no renewals. After the due date an overdue fine of $5.00 per day (up to the replacement cost of $300) will be applied to my Library account.
  • I will not expose the GoPro camera to water or extreme heat or cold.
  • I will not leave the GoPro camera in the sun or hot car, which could result in GoPro camera parts malfunctioning.
  • I will cover the replacement/repair cost if the GoPro camera or its accessories are lost or damaged.
  • I will not use the GoPro camera for any illegal acts.
  • I will not wipe or clean the lens with anything but a soft lens cloth (such as for glasses).
  • I will not tamper with the GoPro camera housing or any of its accessories. Doing so will incur replacement cost even if item still works.
  • The GoPro camera requires a microSD card to record, which can be purchased at any store that sells camera or phone accessories. The library will not supply a microSD card.


I understand that the Library is not liable for any injuries, property damage or legal trouble incurred as a result of GoPro camera use, and I will not hold the Library responsible if any injuries, property damage or legal trouble are incurred as a result of GoPro camera use. I understand that I must supervise any use of the GoPro while it is on my card.


I acknowledge that the GoPro camera is in good working order and all parts are present (GoPro camera, Case with built-in charger, head strap, clamp and multi-joint arm, camera cube mount, and both cords) when checked out.  I have received instruction from a circulation staff member on how to operate and transport the GoPro camera.


I will return the GoPro camera to a circulation staff member at the Circulation Desk at Webster Groves Public Library and not to the book drop or another library. If the GoPro camera is returned to a book drop or another library, a fine of $25.00 will be applied to my Library account.


GoPro Policy

The Webster Groves Public Library allows patrons to check out a GoPro Hero Session camera and accessories.

  • The GoPro camera checks out for a period of 1 week, with no renewals available.
  • Late fees for the GoPro camera are $5.00/day (up to $300—the replacement cost of the GoPro camera).
  • The GoPro camera kit may be checked out to patrons who are 18 years of age or older.
  • The GoPro camera kit may be placed on hold by Webster Groves patrons, and it can only be picked up from and returned to the Webster Groves Public Library (“Library”).
  • The GoPro camera kit must be turned in to a Library circulation staff member and must not be placed in the Library bookdrop or left at the desk without being checked in by a staff member. If the GoPro camera kit is returned in the book drop or to another library, a fine of $25 will be applied to the patron’s card.
  • Patron is responsible for reading the instruction manual for the GoPro camera’s proper care and use.
  • Patron will be charged the $300 replacement cost for the GoPro camera if it is not returned within 42 days after it is due or if the GoPro camera is lost or damaged beyond repair. Patron will pay the cost to repair the GoPro camera or accessories in the event it is returned damaged.
  • Patron is responsible for all items included with the GoPro camera. If any of these items are damaged or lost, the patron will pay a replacement/repair fee.
  • The Library will not be held liable for any injuries or legal trouble incurred as a result of GoPro camera use. Individuals using the GoPro camera agree that they do so at their own risk.

GoPro camera Check-out Procedure:

  • Patrons must present their own currently valid library card. Patrons must be 18 years of age or older to check out the GoPro camera. Patrons must have less than $5.00 in fines on their Library account.
  • Patrons must read and sign the GoPro camera User Agreement form to show they are aware of their responsibilities when checking out the GoPro camera.
  • A Library circulation staff member will show patrons how to operate and transport the GoPro camera at check-out and will check that the GoPro camera has no microSD card in the card slot and contains all the accessories.

GoPro camera Check-in Procedure:

  • Patron must bring the item to the Circulation Desk at the Library.
  • Patron must return the GoPro camera directly to a circulation staff member and not leave the GoPro camera at the Circulation Desk if a staff member is not present to take it.
  • A circulation staff member will determine that all parts of the GoPro camera have been returned and Patron will sign off that all parts are in. Due to the extensive return procedure, there will be no option for Claimed Return with the GoPro camera.
  • The GoPro camera will be checked for any damages by a trained staff member within 24 hours of being returned. Patron will be charged if the GoPro camera is found to be damaged or accessories missing.