Code of Conduct

In order to insure that all Library users are able to use the Library’s resources, services and programs as safely, comfortably and effectively as possible, we require that all Library visitors comply with the following rules of conduct.

  • The use of cell phones within the Library is strictly prohibited. Turn your phone off or to silent signal when in the Library. Incoming calls should be taken outside or to the front foyer as quickly as possible. Simply talking very quietly is not good enough.
  • The taking of photos or videos, including the use of picture phones or other electronic recording devices is prohibited without the prior permission of the Library.
  • Customers may not talk loudly or in a disruptive manner. The use of profane or threatening language or other harassment of Library users or Library staff will not be tolerated.
  • Firearms are prohibited on Library property.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on Library property, with the exception of Library sponsored events.
  • The library allows patrons to bring in covered drinks, which may be consumed in areas away from computers. Food is strictly prohibited inside the library, as is smoking or using tobacco in any form.
  • Selling, soliciting, panhandling or loitering on Library premises is not permitted.
  • Customers are expected to abide by established time limits for the use of public access computers or any other equipment and must observe the Library’s Internet use policy.
  • Customers should leave the building promptly at closing time; this includes immediately starting to finish up work when advised by staff that closing time is approaching.
  • Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children while they are on Library property. Minors incapable of understanding and abiding by this code of conduct should not be left unattended.
  • The teen and children’s areas of the Library are designed for children, teens, their families and their caregivers. Use of these areas by adults who are not parents, teachers, guardians or caregivers may be restricted to ensure that children, teens and their families have adequate access to the resources provided for them.
  • Computers in the Children’s Room are reserved at all times for the use of children, or adults accompanying children.
  • Use of library computers to bully, harass or intimidate other people will result in the immediate and permanent loss of computer use privileges.
  • Animals are not permitted on Library property except service dogs assisting persons with disabilities, or as part of a Library program.
  • Vandalism of Library facilities, equipment or facilities will be prosecuted.
  • All Library materials must be checked out before removing them from the building.
  • All patrons will dress appropriately, including shoes and shirts at all times. Clothing bearing obscene images or offensive words is prohibited.
  • Anyone who neglects personal hygiene so that it is offensive and constitutes a nuisance to other Library patrons may be asked to leave the building until such time as effective hygiene improvements have been made.
  • Bathing, shaving, or washing clothes in public restrooms is not permitted.
  • The use of skateboards, rollerblades or scooters on Library property is not permitted. Bicycles are not permitted in the Library, including the lobby areas.
  • Library patrons may not post notices or distribute leaflets without the authorization of the Library.
  • Petitioners or signature gatherers will be restricted to areas outside the library where they cannot impede traffic or harass library users or library staff.
  • Engaging in any illegal activity or behavior will not be tolerated.

Library management reserves the right to expel any person whose behavior is judged to be disruptive or inappropriate to the Library environment or prevents effective use of the Library by other patrons.

Persons who fail to observe this code will be asked to leave the building or be subject to arrest.