Top Requests

Here is a list of the most requested books as of the end of February (previous month’s position in parentheses).

cover1. (1) American Dirt,
by Jeanine Cummins
cover2. (5) The Dutch House,
by Ann Patchett
cover3. (4) A Very Stable Genius,
by Philip Rucker
cover4. (8) Long Bright River,
by Liz Moore
cover5. (10) Dear Edward,
by Ann Napolitano
cover6. (9) Nothing to See Here,
by Kevin Wilson
cover7. (3) Such a Fun Age,
by Kiley Reid
cover8. (6) The Giver of Stars,
by Jojo Moyes
cover9. Blindside,
by James Patterson
cover10. A Long Petal of the Sea,
by Isabel Allende
cover11. When You See Me,
by Lisa Gardner
cover12. Successful Aging,
by Daniel Levitin